Winter gardens - a place of rest and relax.

A glazed covered greenhouse for your good mood.

If you want to sit after work among plants in the winter, with your favorite book and a cup of hot drink - a winter garden is what you need. The winter garden has a relaxing effect and we are mentally transferred to warmer months.

Winter gardens are functional rooms made of sealed aluminum profiles or other materials covered with transparent panels of glass or transparent polycarbonate.

Winter garden can look any way depending on our needs. It can be furnished with comfortable furniture, a heated winter garden on the terrace or a glass garden, with sliding doors that can be opened in the warmer months. Glass panels can also be used as building verandas and other places where we rest.

However, that's not all. There are many other options for building and creating an orangery or winter garden.

If we want to build a ready-made veranda, we can do this with panels partially or completely, then the winter garden will be suitable for use throughout the year, and not just in the summer. In our store Strade Garden, we offer various options for building a terrace - covering the walls and roof. In this case, we offer aluminum and polycarbonate structures - very resistant to loads and weather conditions. They perfectly cope with our climate and will successfully work in the cold months from autumn to winter and to spring. If you decide to arrange a winter garden, it will provide you with pleasant moments of relaxation alone with yourself or among the guests.

The interesting design of the greenhouse enriches the environment

Aluminum structures also diversify the shape of the building and add elegance to your surroundings. Special attention should be paid to the winter gardens (greenhouses) of Palram, distinguished by their light, modern style.

Small winter gardens - building of balconies

We can also use these designs for balconies. A place created in this way will allow us to spend time closer to nature if we do not have a garden. The appropriate organization of this interior will allow us to relax, regardless of the season.