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Stone fountains

These are striking and creative projects with excellent finishes in a variety of styles. A wide range of stone water features combine beauty and quality. Strong elements retain its elegant look for many years. Carefully designed, hand-finished elements create instant atmosphere of beauty and happiness of the surrounding space.

They are willingly chosen by those who appreciate classical beauty. Stone is a natural material, so that fits perfectly with the surrounding greenery. We offer stone fountains, such as fountains made of granite, marble fountains, fountains made of sandstone and GRC. The choice of products is so great that everyone will find something for themselves. Garden cascades, that are made of stone, become noble appearance. The small size will prove themselves not only in the garden, but also on the terrace or even balcony. The only thing that can limit us, is its space. Fortunately, our offer includes products which will fit in everywhere. Some decide to place fountain inside building. Due to the sound of water, which brings us into a state of relaxation, stone fountains are used in beauty salons, hotels, and also lobbies companies. Garden stone fountains balls, stone walls are getting more and more popular. This shape allows us to see the full beauty of the shimmering color stones. Especially when the fountain is placed outside and the surface of a gently flowing water reflected the sun's rays.

Stone fountains - Wroclaw

Those who are interested in buying a perfect decoration- are welcomed to our showroom (required telephone in advance). You can take a closer look at the individual models. We make sure that our collection continues to widen. Wroclaw is a city where we sell stationary. For those who are outside the Wroclaw, we have prepared shipping options. We supply not only Poland but also abroad.