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Steel fountains

Yard fountains made of stainless steel, zinc, copper and other alloys are very popular water features among gardeners and garden designers. With water flowing over and around the steel  it will without doubt add a crisp, modern edge to any garden or simply provide the look of any modern-styled courtyard, deck, patio, restaurant,office etc.

Yard fountains

They match perfectly into the space designed and furnished in modern style. By purchasing this type of decorations for the garden, terrace or room, we should pay attention especially to the appropriate fit to the whole. This is influenced by the style and material of which are made garden cascade. Modern garden fountains are mostly made of metal, which allows to place them not only in the garden, but even in the middle of the building. This is the main reason why companies are increasingly willing to invest in water cascades. This has implications not only for the customers or guests who are visiting the building, but also employees. Cascade Water calms down, you can make rational decisions, act in concentration and do better work. Garden fountain balls, water walls made of metal shine more intensely than those of stone. They reflect not only the sun's rays with a satisfactory result, but also artificial light, which looks very elegant and strongly influences the perception of space.

Garden fountains - Wroclaw

We offer large selection of water decorations- working out perfectly in public places, modern buildings and gardens. People interested in seeing into ornaments we suggest come to our showroom. We would like to inform that we realize shipment across the Polish and abroad.