Smart solar ceramic frog water feature, height 33 cm

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This charming ceramic water feature is durable and weather resistant.

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SizeUnder 50 cm

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33.5cm,Smart Solar Ceramic Frog Water Feature

This charming ceramic water feature is durable and weather resistant. It is solar powered, which means it is economical and environmentally friendly, requiring no batteries or mains connection. It features a striking lily pad motif and a beautifully designed ornamental frog perched on the top pad, with a jet of water flowing from his mouth. The glazed finish adds to the cheerful aesthetic, and helps to protect your feature from the elements. This feature is a no mess, no fuss way to enjoy the soothing atmosphere of a water feature in your outdoor space.


  • Solar powered - economical and environmentally friendly
  • Fully self-contained - kit includes everything you need to start enjoying your water feature
  • Glazed ceramic construction is beautiful, durable, and highly weather resistant
  • Quick and convenient installation - simply add water and allow to charge
  • Water flowing from frog's mouth into basin will create a soothing ambience in your garden
  • Compact and versatile - can be easily placed in a location of your choice
  • No operating costs and minimal maintenance

Why solar power? 

  • Environmentally friendly - the solar features are quiet and non-polluting
  • Cost-effective - no operating costs and minimal maintenance
  • Easy to move around - you can place your solar feature anywhere you like in your garden or on your balcony, just as long as the solar panel can see the sun
  • Quick installation - no need for digging an armoured cable down your garden which can be costly and time-consuming
  • Safe - there is no risk as solar power is very low voltage


Height 33.5cm (1ft 1¼ins) x Width 34cm (1ft 1½ins) x Depth 45cm (1ft 3¾ins)

Comes with a 3m cable connecting the solar panel and feature.

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