Garden saunas

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Buy a sauna at Strade Garden - a relax for the soul

With the sauna you can create your own wellness world in the garden, where you can really relax. The original saunas have been designed to cleanse the body. Today, thanks to a modern sauna, you can gain a lot more: in the high quality Karibu sauna you can relax from the stressful everyday life, and at the same time do something good for your health.

Regular staying in the sauna strengthens mental and physical well-being.

Choosing a sauna - there is something for everyone!

For smaller rooms, we offer saunas with an area of ​​1.35 m x 1.35 m. If you need a bit more. Strade Garden also has a suitable sauna in the Karibu slope.

Saunas consist of vertical elements made of planks in which 42 mm thick insulation has been introduced.

Insulation provides inexpensive sauna performance. With an average cost of electricity, they will take two and a half hours of pleasure from the sauna, depending on the sauna and the stove, from just 2 euros. In addition to the classic front and corner saunas, there are also saunas with an exclusive appearance, with a large number of glass surfaces, adapted to the individual idea and space.

Traditional 40 mm saunas are made of solid Nordic spruce wood. This design allows for a very good sauna climate. The logs heat up and disperse the heat evenly inward.

A special attraction in the wellness room are Premium Saunas 40 mm. This line is already equipped with all add-ons as standard, thanks to which the sauna is relaxing. The sauna solution for those who do not have access to electricity is called in Karibu: "Plug and Play". These saunas can be easily connected using a plug to an existing 230 V socket.

If there is not enough space in the house, Strade Garden offers saunas of various sizes and finishes for the garden. The sauna set contains a clear instruction and all the elements to facilitate self-assembly.