PowerClear 5000 compact fountain pump incl. UVC 5W

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PowerClear 5000 compact fountain pump incl.UVC 5W

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PowerClear 5000 compact fountain pump incl.UVC 5W

PowerClear is a compact fountain pump with integrated UV device and filter function in underwater operation. PowerClear is available in two sizes, PowerClear 5000 for ponds with maximum 5000 litres capacity and PowerClear 9000 for a pond capacity of up to 9000 litres. A compact combined solution, in which the functions of filtering, clearing and pumping can be used in one device.


Cable length: 10 m

Pump dimensions(HxWxD): 19x32x26


Power consumption - 30W

Circulation - 950 l/h

UVC lamp: PL-S 5 Watt

UVC outlet: 1/2''

Accessories included:

Filter foam block – 1

Nozzle set:

Telescopic tube – 1

Volcano fountain head, small -1

Lava fountain head, small – 1

Foam spray nozzle, small – 1

Flow regulator – 1

Hose connector: 1/2'' x 19-13-9mm

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