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Products are made to order can be made of stainless steel corten, stainless steel, powder-coated steel.

The German manufacturer with many years of experience and a modern machine park guarantee high qualityThe most popular of the fountain products balls are suitable for the decor of any garden or room
The rich design of the cascades means that you will surely find something for yourselfLarger water ponds with cascades are suitable for large spaces

A wide selection of park (garden) benches will provide interesting places to rest in garden and public spaces

You will also find various flower beds (pots) for the garden and public space


Edges, dams will allow the formation of various types of slopes

One of the suggestions is fences made of corten metal, stainless steel or painted steel
Lighting for the garden or public space is a great modern solutionMeetings in the garden with friends are usually barbecues. Check out our offer of unusual fireplaces and grill


Other corten steel products:


water features

Corten steel, stainless steel / Gartenmetall

COR-TEN steel was created in 1932 in America. Under the name CORTEN steel is meant weather resistance
Mild steel on which surface a permanent protective layer forms. This protects the elements from further damage by corrosion and provides a characteristic patina in shades of earth and heat.
Corten steel has an above-average service life, does not need to be painted and is fully recyclable.

The surface starts after 2-3 weeks and is completed only after 1.5 to 3 years.
An important thing in creating a barrier layer is the change of weather (between wet and dry season)

We only use these special high-quality steel.
Weatherproof structural steel is considered ecological, it doesn't need it
 painting and fully recyclable.
*) Name of COR-TEN steel
from the first COR syllable for rust resistance (corrosion resistance) and the second syllable
for tensile strength (TEN tensile strength)