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Corten steel

COR-TEN steel was created in 1932 in America. Under the name CORTEN steel is meant weather resistance
Mild steel on which surface a permanent protective layer forms. This protects the elements from further damage by corrosion and provides a characteristic patina in shades of earth and heat.
Corten steel has an above-average service life, does not need to be painted and is fully recyclable.

The surface starts after 2-3 weeks and is completed only after 1.5 to 3 years.
An important thing in creating a barrier layer is the change of weather (between wet and dry season)

We only use these special high-quality steel.
Weatherproof structural steel is considered ecological, it doesn't need it
 painting and fully recyclable.
*) Name of COR-TEN steel
from the first COR syllable for rust resistance (corrosion resistance) and the second syllable
for tensile strength (TEN tensile strength)