Bronze Elegant Woman On Fence, Statue, height 170 cm

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Bask in the elegant beauty of this gorgeous bronze statue

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SizeOver 200 cm

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Bask in the elegant beauty of this gorgeous bronze statue. The delicate detail of this statue is drenched in the reckless feeling of love. This strong high quality bronze statue gives an ambience of serenity and calm, ideal for those who want to recline in your garden space, kick their shoes off and relax.


  • Unique railing design - perfect when adjoined to fences or trees
  • Bronze statue - using gorgeous deep colours for ultimate effect, this is a classic design that will last through the years
  • Exquisitely detailed - complete with shoes on the floor, long flowing hair and ornate draped dress
  • Tall and striking feature - the ample reach of this statue is ideal to transform an entire garden


  • Height 170cm (5ft 6¾in) x Width 90cm (2ft 11in) x Length 105cm (3ft 5in)
  • Weight 65kg
  • Material Bronze 70% Copper, 30% mixture of Tin, Zinc & Nickel

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