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Modern fountains - Contemporary water features

They are used as a decorative garden, terrace, courtyard, patio or cease element. In the Renaissance already garden fountains achieved extraordinary popularity. To achieve the effect of harmoniously composed space, it is worth to focus on the material and style of water decoration. Modern garden cascade are made of stone which fit into the home gardens, urban parks, or even hotels and restaurants in the form of additional attractions for guests. Fountains become a perfect decoration in the interiors of buildings. It has been scientifically proven that the sound of water soothes the nerves, allows for deep relaxation and purification of thoughts. No wonder that even the small size of water cascade is so popular in our SPA, rehabilitation centers. Our company sells garden decoration, including fountains made of different materials with interesting shapes and unusual designs. We offer top-class fountains made of stainless steel or solar fountains - both are economic and ecological solutions.

Modern garden fountains can be divided due to the materials they are made of:

  • Stainless steel fountains;
  • Fountains made of zinc;
  • Copper fountains;
  • Fountains made of polyresin - a material resistant on weather conditions;
  • Garden fountains made of stone;
  • Fountains made of grc (blend of stone and concrete);

and also of the shape:

  • Water walls;
  • Bowl cascade;
  • Garden fountains - balls;
  • and many more

Fountains modern - Wroclaw

We cordially invite you to our showroom (required contact telephone), where you will find high-quality garden fountains. Wroclaw is the only city in Poland, where it is possible to receive personal products. We sell by mail order in whole Poland and abroad.