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Decorative mirrors

If some parts of the garden are always used, they are too shaded - perhaps by hanging branches or simply shaded from the sun - then an outdoor garden mirror comes in handy. The decorative mirror can be adjusted to get a little more light. When the sun reflects off the garden mirror, it can create an illusion of depth, which is especially recommended in small gardens. In large gardens, the garden mirror will perfectly emphasize the garden aspects of reflection the most charming corners and enhancing the experience of harmony. Of course, like interior mirrors, a decorative mirror for gardens can simply be attractive
The ilusion mirror provides reflection coverage, perfect reproduction of a public garden. Made of acrylic (acrylic mirrors). Safe to use also with children - unbreakable decorative mirrors. Mirrors are great alternative outside.

Garden mirrors are also very light, which makes their installation even easier. Acrylic mirrors can be cut with a knife as required.

Decorative glass mirrors are also available.

The material from which the decorative mirrors are made makes them less susceptible to scratches by branches or animals.
Garden mirrors are resistant to changing weather conditions and can stay outside all year round even in winter, giving magical, mysterious features in your garden. We offer decorative mirrors available in various sizes and styles for example trellis mirrors

Decorative mirrors, decorative mirrors Wrocław

We invite you to our exhibition garden near Wrocław-in Brzeg Dolny. Please contact me in advance.

Garden mirrors are also ideal for interiors.