Windsor Double Tier Solar Bird Bath Water Feature with Lights and Automated Activation, height 84 cm

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This water feature is striking in dark polyresin, reminiscent of Victorian iron garden ornaments and featuring two tiers of cascading water. Add a touch of classical style to any space in

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Size50 cm to 100 cm
ShapeClassic fountains

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This water feature is striking in dark polyresin, reminiscent of Victorian iron garden ornaments and featuring two tiers of cascading water. Add a touch of classical style to any space in your garden. This product is self contained and solar powered, meaning you can position it anywhere, even paved or decked areas.

  • Fountain will automatically start working daily as soon as the battery has charged enough to run
  • Solar powered - environmentally friendly and cheaper to run
  • LED illuminated - this birdbath looks stunning at night
  • Attractive two tiered classical design - gorgeous classically inspired design
  • Polyresin construction - polyresin is UV and frost resistant
  • Self contained system - no additional reservoir required meaning no digging necessary
  • Height 84cm (2ft 9in) x Diameter 48cm (1ft 7in)
  • Weight: 9.5kg
  • Cable length from solar panel to feature - 20cm


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 Solar Power Built In, with Automated Activation

Harnessing the sun's rays for power, this birdbath is friendly to the environment and your wallet. Built-in solar panels in the basin store power from sunlight and power both the feature's pump, and LED lights. This also means that this feature require absolutely no digging to install, simply place the birdbath where you want it and get started. The fountain will run automatically each day, as soon as the battery has enough power to run the pump, and it will continue to run for up to one hour after the sun has stopped feeding the panel/battery. If you want the fountain to run again, you can switch it off and back on again, and it will run for a continuous 6 hours (depending on charge levels), then revert to standard operation. If you don't want the fountain to run at all, setting the switch to the off position will simply charge the battery ready for use.


 LED Illuminated

While you may be able to enjoy birds at play in this water feature during the day, that doesn't mean you have to stop enjoying this product at sunset. Lit by brilliant LED lights looks particularly attractive at night and makes a great garden centrepiece or focal point.

 Beautiful Classical Design

Reminiscent of Victorian garden ornaments, this birdbath brings an atmosphere of elegance and charm. Featuring two tiers of cascading water, this birdbath is sure to delight the ear as well as the eye. Crafted from textured polyresin, this birdbath is almost indistinguishable from genuine iron and is a pleasure to see, hear and touch.

 Polyresin Construction

Polyresin presents a host of advantages as a construction material for water features. It is UV and frost resistant, helping this product postpone colour loss in areas of bright sunlight. It is also much lighter than an equivalent stone or metal product, meaning it can easily be positioned within your garden with minimal fuss.

The feature comes with four fountain heads, allowing you to choose between 1, 6, 7 or 8 jets. The water cascades down the first tier and into the basin below, where it is recirculated through the feature. This feature is fully self-contained.
 Self Contained System

Being an entirely self contained feature, this product is much easier to install than other water features. Requiring no additional reservoir, this water feature saves you time and effort digging, as well as giving you many more options in positioning your water feature.


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