Magma Triple Stainless Steel Fire and Water Feature with Rattan Reservoir, height 60 cm

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The stunning spectacle of ultra modern steel spheres adorned by the majesty of flame and water in an eye catching and fascinating design will decorate your home or garden in an intense way.

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Size50 cm to 100 cm
MaterialStainless steel
UsageIndoor, Outdoor

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The stunning spectacle of ultra modern steel spheres adorned by the majesty of flame and water in an eye catching and fascinating design will decorate your home or garden in an intense way. The unforgettable combination of natures elements against a glowing backdrop of reflective grade 304 stainless steel makes for a gorgeous display of contemporary light.

The safe to use water and fire feature will illuminate and brighten up rooms whilst providing an eye catching centrepiece too. Comes complete with a pump, hose kit, rattan reservoir surround and reservoir, simply add water and watch it trickle serenely down the orb. The mahogany coloured surround is lightweight and will work with many colour schemes indoors and out with its earthy tones.


  • Safe to use - when taking care as one would with any candle or fire using feature, this orb is simple to use and the flame can be quickly extinguish with the lid
  • Woven rattan reservoir surround - charming dark brown surround is attractive and allows you to place reservoir anywhere you choose
  • Unique and modern design - fire meeting water in the innovative orb shape
  • Grade 304 steel - strong stainless steel is attractive and gives a wonderful reflective effect
  • Smokeless and windproof flame - gel fuel burns without smoke and is windproof, burning at a consistent height
  • Easy to use water pump kit - comes complete with pump and reservoir, simply add water and watch the water cascade down the sphere


    • Rattan surround: Length 70cm (2ft 3½in) x Width 60cm (1ft 11½in) x Height 34cm (8½in)

Weight: 4kg

  • Steel spheres:

Small sphere: Diameter: 13cm (5.1 inches)
Medium sphere: Diameter: 22cm (8.7 inches)
Large sphere: Diameter: 27cm (10.6 inches)



  • Reservoir:

Length 59cm (23.2 ins)
Width 49cm (19.2 ins)
Depth 32cm (12.5 ins)



  • Cable length: 10m



  • Pump Type: 2000 LPH, 45w


Grade 304 Stainless Steel

Strong steel makes this not only a durable and long lasting water feature but a very aesthetic one. The water and fire create a dramatic effect when reflected onto the shiny steel orb further accentuated by the curvature of the orb.


Fire Meets Water

The fantastic dynamic of fire and water combines two of the most sensual elements and effects in a display of movement and light.


Smokeless Gel Fire


The clever environmentally friendly fire gel creates a smokeless fire, perfect for indoor use and to avoid unsightly ash and smells without toxins being released in the air. The spheres burn an environmentally friendly ethanol gel which gives off no smell.

The safe to burn gel will work indoors and out without setting off alarms. To extinguish, simply place the supplied lid over the flame to starve it of oxygen and ensure its out within seconds.

Water Fountain

The kit comes with everything you need to set up your very own display anywhere in or around your home, simply add your own pebbles, wood chips, marbles, sand and more for a customised design which will work with any design scheme you have in your home or garden. The silver steel spheres and dark brown rattan surround provide you with a neutral base to add your own style to.

Gorgeous Rattan Reservoir Surround
This woven dark brown surround is a wonderful way to attractively house your reservoir. The natural colour will look lovely in living rooms, dining rooms, on patios and more. The earthy tones and weave perfectly contrast the ultra modern steel spheres.


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