Decorative mirror, 60 cm x 62 cm

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Decorative mirror, 60 cm x 62 cm

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Materialsteel and acrylic

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This exquisite mirror is inspired by the Tree of Life - a symbol of peace and the interconnection of life in many cultures and religions. Perhaps in your garden it can symbolise the connection between your garden and yourself, or the evolution of the plants and animals within it. Handmade by skilled craftsmen exclusively for Primrose with weatherproof and shatterproof materials, this beautiful mirror can become an eye-catching addition in your garden for years to come.

  • Sturdy metal frame - The powder coated steel frame is strong and durable with water resistant properties
  • Acrylic mirror - Made with acrylic rather than traditional glass, this mirror is far safer as it will not shatter. It is also completely weatherproof
  • Beautiful design - The delicate tree design is perfect to make a feature in your garden
  • Bronze colour - The traditional bronze colour blends in with your garden, enhancing the illusion of space
  • Add space to small gardens - Mirrors have been used for years to give your garden the illusion of more space and depth by bouncing light around your garden
  • Easy to hang - this mirror comes ready to hang with integrated tabs, making it easy to fix to a wall or fence with a screw or nail
  • Height 60cm (23¾in) x Width 62cm (24½in)
Please note: Mirror is flexible acrylic and reflection may not be perfect.

Create a sense of space and light in your garden with this remarkable mirror. The powder coated steel frame and acrylic mirror ensure that this feature is both weatherproof and shatterproof, perfect for surviving English weather. When hung low on a wall or fence it can make a beautiful feature and can subtly blend in with your garden blooms due to the natural tones of the steel construction. When hung higher than your flowers it can make a dazzling garden focal point.

Acrylic Mirror
Acrylic mirrors are a fantastic alternative to glass in busy gardens. Completely shatter proof, they are perfect for gardens with small children or animals as they cannot be smashed into dangerous shards. Not only are they a far safer option than glass, but they are also entirely weatherproof, meaning they can be left outside all year round.
Beautiful Design
This elegant mirror features a stunning tree of life design, interpreted through a series of ornate vines and delicately detailed leaves. The twisting lines of the vines weave through each other, creating a beautiful 3D effect which enhances the illusion of space. The iconic imagery featured in this mirror is perfect for adding a sense of peace and harmony to your garden.
Durable Steel Frame
With a powder coated steel frame, this mirror is strong and durable. The powder coating, which is sprayed onto the steel then cured with heat, creates a barrier which prevents water accessing the metal frame. This means that not only is the frame strong, it is also weather resistant and protected from corrosion. Powder coating is a long lasting solution to making steel and other metals weather proof and ensures that this mirror can become a long lasting feature of your garden.
This mirror is also available to purchase as a frame without the acrylic backing. For more information, click the image below.

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