Buddha Table Top Water Feature, LED, height 30 cm

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This exquisitely detailed water feature has been beautifully moulded from polyresin to capture a sense of peace and tranquility.

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SizeUnder 50 cm
UsageIndoor, Outdoor

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Bring some peace and serenity to your home with this gorgeous Buddha water feature. Made of polyresin, which is frost and UV resistant, this feature is perfect for taking pride of place in your conservatory or living room. This striking feature comes complete with LED lights, making it great for using at night.


  • High quality, durable construction - made from polyresin, which is durable yet lightweight
  • UV resistant - polyresin has been specially UV balanced to help slow discolouration in bright sunlight, resisting UV damage
  • Entirely self contained - with an internal reservoir, this table top water feature can go almost anywhere in the home
  • Comes with lights - the powerful LED light nestled in the base of this feature illuminates the figure and water, making it great for using at night or in the evening
  • Suitable for indoor use - this self contained feature is perfect for bringing a sense of peace and tranquillity to your home
  • Height 30cm (11¾in) x Width 20.5cm (8in) x Depth 20.5cm (8in)
  • Comes with 2m cable

 The Buddha is one of history's most profound thinkers, with ideals centred around meditation, peace and reaching the Buddhist state of Nirvana. Today, Buddhism is still a popular philosophical practice that is celebrated across the world, and now you can bring it into your home too. This water feature boasts a traditional Buddhist figure sitting in a meditative position, a look of peace on his face. Perhaps you can follow his teachings in your own home to find your own paradise.


Detailed Polyresin Design and Construction

This exquisitely detailed water feature has been beautifully moulded from polyresin to capture a sense of peace and tranquility. Polyresin is UV resistant, slowing down the loss of colour in areas of bright sunlight. Polyresin is also considerably lighter than equivalent materials, making moving or repositioning this water feature much easier.


Entirely Self Contained

This beautiful water feature is fully self-contained. This means that you save both time and money as you don't need to purchase or set up an external reservoir. The water is recycled through the feature, so after tumbling from the three bowls into the reservoir below, it is pumped back to the top to start again. This also means that this feature can go virtually anywhere and is particularly effective on a tabletop.


Beautiful Spiritual Design

Inspired by Buddhist teachings, this peaceful water feature is great for adding some tranquillity to your home. The serene figure of the Buddha sits in repose as the water gently cascades between three carved bowls above his head. He sits atop two reservoirs cleverly sculpted to resemble lotus flowers while the LED light illuminates him from below, casting an impressive glow on this water feature when used at night or in the evening.


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