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Garden fountains

They will ideally suite not only in gardens but also on terraces and small areas around the house. Regardless of the place in which we decide to place it, garden fountains (water features) will always give the pleasant sound of water that soothes us. Garden cascades are most frequently used in the area of ponds - this combination gives the effect of a richly composed garden. Hence the popularity of the trend to place the water cascades near the hotels and restaurants. We focus on a variety of forms and designs, selecting only the highest quality materials. Available in our range of stainless steel fountain is a convenient and proven option, recommended especially those who depend on the perfect design a fountain for a long time. You can find highest quality fountains: granite, sandstone, polyresin (resin) and alloys of other metals: the fountains made of zinc or fountains made of corten . They can also be divided according to style - classic fountains and modern fountains, according to the form: garden balls fountains, garden statue fountains, water wall cascades and solar fountains. The greatest advantage of such fountains is that it can be powered by solar energy, it is economical and environmentally friendly at the same time. The offer of our products is still expanding. We can confidently say that today we are the main supplier of Christmas decorations in our region and equip Wroclaw and its surroundings in garden fountains (water features). We provide the ability to deliver shipment across the Poland and not only.

Modern garden water fountains

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