Wishing Well Water Feature, Solar Powered

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  • Height 74cm (2ft 5ins) x Width 31.5cm (1ft ½ins) x Depth 31.5cm (1ft ½ins)
  • Weight 12kg

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PWF3616 /5553105329



Size50 cm to 100 cm

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  • Fully self-contained - no additional reservoir required
  • Solar panel - no need to run an electrical cable outside, environmentally friendly
  • Polyresin - sturdy, UV and frost resistant for extended durability
  • Easy installation - simply connect pump to solar panel and place in direct sunlight
  • Designed for outdoor use
  • Height 74cm (2ft 5ins) x Width 31.5cm (1ft ½ins) x Depth 31.5cm (1ft ½ins)
  • Weight 12kg

Evoking a bygone era, this traditionally styled water feature will bring an idyllic country scene into your back garden. Water is cycled throughout the feature, cascading through the buckets and past the watchful eyes of the observing small bird. There is no need to run an electrical able outside, thanks to the solar panel, which will save you from another cost on your energy bill.

Fully Self Contained Water Feature

Simply fill up this feature with water and it will begin to work; there is no need for a constant water source. The running water creates a beautiful spectacle, all without the need for any unsightly cables. There is no need for an additional reservoir, this product provides everything you need in one box

Solar Panel

Running an electrical cable outside is an arduous task and can be potentially dangerous. This solar panel provides an easier, safer and environmentally friendly alternative. Take advantage of renewable energy, whilst also not adding any extra costs to your energy bill. 

Polyresin Construction

Polyresin is a popular material for garden products as it will easily survive outside for years to come. It is UV and frost resistant, strong and sturdy. It will therefore retain its colour and survive harsh winters.

Charming Design

This water feature will create a peaceful scene in your garden, delighting your friends and guests. Its realistic construction and alluring design will warm your heart even on colder autumn days.  

Maintain & Protect Your Feature With Ambienté Fountain Safe

' Fountain Safe' and 'Fountain Frost Free' are both completely safe for children, pets and animals. The active formula in 'Ambienté Fountain Safe' will protect and clean, preventing all common forms of algae growth and slime. 'Fountain Frost Free' will protect your feature from cracking and frost damage during freezing periods.