BioPressure 10000 Plus Set

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BioPressure 10000 Plus Set

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Size50 cm to 100 cm

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BioPressure 10000 Plus Set

BioPressure is a filter system with integrated UV-C device that is operated under pressure. BioPressure is offered in three sizes, individually or also as a PlusSet with matching pond pump. BioPressure can be used for pond sizes from 500 to 10000 litres.

The BioPressure technology

BioPressure operates under pressure. This means that it is possible to pump water up to a higher positioned stream run as well as that the filter cannot overflow or even burst in case of lower installation ( filter installed below water surface level). The biological-mechanical filter system and integrated UV-C device in combination with the recommended Ubbink pond pump guarantee clear water in the garden pond within a very short time.

Dimensions: (Height x diameter) 40 x 38 cm

Сapacity 8 l

Pump: Xtra 3900

Power consumption: 110 W

Pump circulation: 3900 l/h

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