Small Dragonfly, Copper, Pond Ornament

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Small Dragonfly Copper Pond Ornament

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SizeUnder 50 cm

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Small Dragonfly Copper Pond Ornament

Hand-formed by expert craftsman, this bronze dragonfly is truly unique to you and your garden. The careful craftsmanship is evident immediately - each dragonfly is a work of art that makes for a beautiful, special addition to a garden or pond.

The body is made from brass and measures 10cm in length; the bright and artful wings are made from copper and measure 14 cm. Balanced on a spring wire, this delightful sculpture is ready to be placed anywhere in your garden, from pots and flowerbeds to near or inside ponds.


  • Brass body 10 cm in length

  • Copper wingspan 14 cm

  • 50 cm long stainless steel springwire

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