Elimax 2500 fountain pump

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Elimax fountain pump 2500

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SizeUnder 50 cm

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Elimax fountain pump 2500

Elimax pond pumps with Ubbink technology are primarily designed for use as fountain pumps for water features an fountains. The elimax series covers an application range from 700 to 8.800 litres per hour. Ubbink can therefore supply the correct pump for every pond size with lift heights up to 5.20 m! The fountains after a decorative appearance, 2 or 3 different spray heads are included in the delivery.


Water bell: diametr 100 cm

Vulcano: Height 135 cm Diameter: 100 cm

Foam spray: Height: 25 cm

Qmax (l/h) 2550

Power: 46 W

H max (m): 2.65

Pressure port 1/2''

Dimensions of pump without nozzle: 17 x 23 x 16 cm

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